To be an entrepreneurial university nowadays seems to be an attractive, convincing, modern vision for many higher education institutions and their leaders.
The article goes through reflections on who will say what to whom when using the expression “entrepreneurial university” and it will show that there are at least four debates about entrepreneurial challenges to universities.
The first debate has to do with the production of knowledge and directs our attention to the changing mode of the production of knowledge. The other debate is looking at the changing position of knowledge-producing institutions and their interrelationship: the “Triple Helix” debate. The third debate refers to a demanding balance between the global and the regional mission of a university. The fourth debate can be seen as a reflection on the consequences of the first three debates: the employability debate.
The final remark has to do with the danger of being misled by the careless use of the expression entrepreneurial without recourse to its semantic aura and connotations.